Saturday, October 29, 2011

Interview with Scrappin' Serenity

Welcome to Saturday & another designer interview; this week we're going to meet Christie Bowien of Scrappin' Serenity!

Tell us a little about yourself & your family. My hubby and I met in college, it was my senior year & his freshmen year (yep ... I married a younger man, woo hoo cougar, haha). Anyway, it was pretty much love at first sight. We started dating a month after meeting, and then were engaged 5 months later. And then we married 10 months later. Hey when you know you know! We've been married nearly 6 years (December 31st, will be 6 years). We have a 4 year old (soon to be 5 in January) daughter, named Haylie. We also have a 3 1/2 year old son named Hunter. We are currently living in West Texas, but hope to move closer to our families soon! We pretty much do everything together as a family!

What part of designing comes easiest to you? Colors are always kind of hard to me, because a color palette can signify whether people are going to consider it a boy kit or a girl kit, and I hate having limits! But when I start designing a kit, after I've narrowed down a palette, I almost always start with the papers, so I guess that's the easiest!

If you’re running low on design mojo, how do you kick-start your creativity? I love looking at color palettes, and of course going shopping and looking at kids clothes always helps with great ideas!

What is your favorite kit you've designed? I would have to say it's a tie, between The Girl & The Boy. Both of these kits were designed with my kiddos in mind, so they're both pretty special to me!

What kits/products do you have in the works? Well ... my birthday is coming up (Oct. 28th), and I have a weekend only freebie kit (with a weather theme) planned to give away on my blog [pssst ... check out Christie's blog now]! But I also have a Fall collaboration in the works with Scraps by Andrea ... and of course some wintery and christmasy kits down the road too!

If you could change one thing about this world, what would it be? Wow ... that's deep. There's so much that needs to change to make this world a much happier place, where does one start? World Peace, right? Seriously though, I would really love to see all the kids who don't have a loving caring home to have one. Every kid deserves to know what real unconditional love is.

Which would you pick…more money or more time? If you had more time, you could always make more money, right? ;) You can't buy time with money. So I guess I'd have to say time, but not to make more money ... but to spend it with my kids, there's never enough time in the day (even though I wish bedtime would come sooner, some days); but the fact is they are growing up way to fast! Nothing is more important than that time with them to make tons of memories (and then scrap them of course!) :)

Do you eat your fruits and vegetables? I love fruits and most vegetables, there are a few veggies I won't eat (cucumbers & any kind of pepper), but for the most part I'd say I'm a fruit & veggie lover.

Rate yourself on a scale from 1-10, 1 being the best, how close are you to a superhero? Definitely a 1! I rock! LOL. Seriously though, all mom's should definitely consider themselves superheros. Look at all the things we accomplish everyday, and then we go to bed, and get up and do it all over again! It definitely takes a superhero to do what we do!

Name five of your favorite movies. This is a hard question. My family LOVES watching movies! I swear we spend most weekends just hanging out on the couch watching movies. Maybe if I categorize this it would be much easier.
  • Favorite classic - Dirty Dancing (the original of course, with that heartthrob Patrick Swayze)
  • Favorite kid movie - All the Toy Stories (yeah, I count them as one...and could definitely watch them over and over with my kiddos)
  • Favorite recently released movie - Real Steel (LOVED IT... Hugh Jackman, yum, yes...but it really is a good heartfelt movie)
  • Favorite always go back to no matter what movies - Harry Potter Series, Twlight series, and Lord of the Rings Series
Okay so yeah, there's definitely more than 5, but I narrowed it down a bit! LOL.

Thanks Christie! Head on over to the store to see all of Christie's wonderful products & don't forget to follow Christie on her blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account!

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